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What is the Temple?

The Temple is the community for men who fully embrace their sacred purpose, gain absolute freedom in life, and develop the skills required to be the most powerful men they can be.

In the Temple the locks that bar you from purpose, freedom, and power will be smashed. No one will be able to use them against you again. And you will have a cadre of men, true brothers before God, who will hold you accountable and support you in manhood, war, and salvation.

The teachings, insights, and growth in the Temple will be unlike anything else you have ever seen or experienced. The skills, methods and principles that you will learn, understand and implement will bring you to deep identification and fulfillment of your divine purpose. Training by the Throne Dynamics team is world-class, unique, and unequaled anywhere else in the world.

Included in the Temple:

What are people saying about the Temple?

"Belonging to the Temple has increased my trajectory by tenfold. I am beginning to understand the dynamics of current events and how they will undoubtedly shape my future. Ivan and Swift provide timeless knowledge through synchronicity and alignment of word and deed  to expand the knowledge of the men in the Temple. This group of men will undoubtedly be ready to protect themselves and their loved ones against the coming battles of the future, don’t let this opportunity slip from your grasp." - Throne Dynamics client

Join our private online and in-person community for men.


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